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What To Make Of The Warehouse

By Jake Vigliotti
March 5, 2006

I bit my tongue for three years, but I canít hold back anymore. This is a true story.

I still remember it clearly. It was almost a dark ages of concert going. The internet existed, but it was nothing like it is now. Lets put it this way: only the highest end computers had cd burners. So imagine what it was like to get information on the Dave Matthews Band.

It basically went like this: Iíd be at work, surfing over the dmbml.com site (now defunct), looking for info about this band when Iíd get what was essentially an inner-office AIM from a friend that would say something like, ďI heard on the Radio that DMB tickets go on sale tomorrow.Ē Then about 20 or so employees of a certain east coast network television station in Connecticut would either get up at 8am after their 6p-3a shift or bribe someone to go down to the record store on Route 6 and buy DMB tickets. As many tickets as they could.

That was 1998. Thatís how I got tickets to the 8.1.98 show at the Meadows. My friend Anna went down and bought 8 tickets. She got Ďin lineí around 6am Ė I think I was still working at that time - literally Ė and we got tix to the show. I ended up getting 2 tickets to the 7.31.98 show only after the Meadows Ďreleasedí 500 more tickets 2 days before that show. If I hadnít been driving around when they announced it on the radio, I would have missed what I still consider one of the finest shows Iíve personally ever seen. Thatís how tickets were obtained to see DMB. That wasnít a Connecticut thing: Thatís how everyone got tickets to DMB.

So ask me what I think of the The Warehouse? The Warehouse is the hot chick in ďCanít Buy Me LoveĒ that falls for geeky Patrick Dempsey after he does all he can to show he really loves her. That was me. Waiting in line in Providence in a snow storm is akin to all the crap the dude on ďGreyís AnatomyĒ pulled off in that movie. All the arriving 5 hours before a show to wait on line, or find the drunkest scalper out there to get the tickets at as close to face as possible (like I had to do at Foxboro in í98). The Warehouse eliminates all of that.

The Warehouse gives you a legitimate shot at getting in the door. Itís that simple.

I joined the Warehouse in December of 1998. With the first DMB tour after that, The Warehouse had already paid for itself (the Dave and Tim 99 tour did not offer tickets thru the Warehouse, F.Y.I.). My old Roommate Bob and I got pretty good seats for Giants Stadium show (not the infamous Cade McNown incident show, documented here and here for those of you following along in the adventures of Bob and I at DMB shows, this would be the Spatula incident Ė for a future story after the 7 year statute of limitations runs out) and me and the wife got pretty good seats for the Foxboro show that year. Except for the fact that the wife was on the end of the row and kept getting bumped into Ė so for that kid who thought he got punched in the arm my a girl, yep you did. You should not have elbowed herÖ but thatís yet another story waiting for the statute of limitations to lift to fully exploreÖ I digressÖ

Iíve seen 9 shows in the Warehouse era, and applied for tix for shows and got them another 11 times (for friends, giveaways, etc.). Iíve only been shot down for the hardest to get shows (Roseland last year Ė the 03 D+T tour - about 8 times total). My seats have sometimes been great, and truthfully, sometimes been horrible. But they're tickets to the shows, something a few years earlier I had to fight and claw just to get. Without the Warehouse, I doubt Iíd see a show. Seriously.

So what prompts this apparent booty-smooching-on-the-surface column? Itís simple: For the past three years all Iíve seen are people bash the Warehouse, and question whether or not itís worth it to join. People, I assure you, Iíll never ever go back to the way it was. Who cares if your bonus disc is late, or you didnít get a sticker? Itís the concert tickets you want, stupid (apologies to James Carville). Donít bother me with Ďthis groupís fan club does thisí, and Ďthat bandís fan club does that.í Theyíre not DMB. No one sells tickets like DMB does. Thatís why when people say to me, ďIs the Warehouse worth it?Ē You damn right. Itís this simple: Youíll get tickets.

The views and comments expressed in this article do not necessarily represent those of antsmarching.org.


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